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White hat SEO means following the policies and rules that are created by search engines for clear optimization. The common techniques used in white hat SEO are keywords, link building, keyword analysis, backlinking, etc. Mainly in his blog, we can discuss black hat SEO because black hat SEO is a practice which is used to increase the ranking of the website through violating the terms and services of the search engine. After results of the black hat, SEO is getting banned your website from search engine.


  • Clocking
  • Sneaky redirects
  • Content copy
  • keyword stuffing
  • Article spinning
  • Link farming
  • Malicious behavior pages etc

Clocking is a practice in which presenting different content or URL to the search engine and the client. For example, showing html text page to the search engine at the same time showing another content like images to the user.

Sneaky redirect is a technique of showing one content in the search engine crawler and redirecting to another content with no similarities or to other URL not needed to the user.

keyword stuffing is a technique to rank up your website by filling irrelevant keywords in the content, meta description, back links, etc in your website. By adding such irrelevant keywords bad user experience will the results.

Article spinning is the process of writing content which is already existing but not the exact sentences of the source file spun using software etc. Link farming is a technique of inserting a lot of links inside our website because the search engine identifies inbound links as a factor of ranking.

malicious behavior pages mean those which contains spam, Trojans, etc can hack the system, get access to our registers files and folders, etc. Thus I am finishing up this blog in happiness that this will help you.

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