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What is Google broad core update ?

How to recover from broad core update ?

Welcome back to my blog. It was a long time I have written something so I was thinking I should do something updated. yeah, I got the perfect one – google broad core update 2020.  let’s discuss this update. Google has given special attention to content from being a while and several pieces of information were updated based on content. Google has announced that the only way to recover the effect of google’s broad core update will be creating high-quality content for your website. We can notice that several high ranking websites fall when the new broad core update has launched. 

Here is the link towards the twitter page of google search liaison where you can see the announcement based on this update.

Coming back to our discussion, google broad core 2020 update will be wholly focussed on content. By this update, they are working to pull the website content quality to the best because the SERP will be now onwards based on the website content. If you have great content, you will rank up in the SERP else will fall even from your present position. In the case of a viewer, that person will get better and relevant results to the inquiries entered.

Here are some ideas by which you can use this update a chance to rank up your website :

Make a new content strategy for your website in which the content should be more relevant to the search intent.

Make a detailed study in which you can target the audience by including keywords (avoid keyword stuffing)

Even you include keywords in the content, Google will focus on topic-based results more than keyword centric results. 

If you have lost your current position, you can compare the website which holds your position right now and make a study on how smart they have written their content.

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