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In simple words, we can describe the google search engine console as a set of tools and resources provided to webmasters by google to communicate, monitor their website easily. In this blog, we are discussing new version details of GSC. First of all sign in search console, include your website, complete its verification then you are ready to monitor your website.

For signing in first, you want to register your google account which you have used to become the webmaster. After that, you need to enter your website link in the option “add property”. The next step is verification, there are several methods to verify your account, try to complete more of it because it secures your account and helps you in the time of backup. Now you can monitor your website easily. Let’s familiarize the options in it. Starting with the 1st option-overview


The overview gives a clear detail about how much web search clicks you got in a period. The clicks are shown as a graph for easy grassing . I have given below a screenshot of the overview of a growing site.

Overview of GSC


Performance includes total clicks, total impressions, average ctr, average position. If you scroll down you will get more information based on queries, list of pages with more views, countries where more visits have came, from which devices browsing has been done, and the search appearance.

Total impressions mean that how much times a user saw your link in search engine. Average ctr means total clicks divided by total impression shows the average impression that resulted in a click. Average position is the average position of your website in search results.

google search console performance tool.
Google search console performance capture


Whenever a change is made to your website, the search engine takes time to crawl the page, so to make it update faster we can copy the URL of the page and select for URL inspection in the console so that search engine identifies faster the changes you have made and will update it.


As we made a site, the search engine will start crawling, indexing, and ranking. At the time of indexing some time our page may not be indexed by the search engine. Using Google search console we will get a clear idea of the error page, what type of error, solution for the error.

Next option under coverage is “valid with warning” means the page has already indexed but some problems have been found out from the page. They may be some black hat SEO applied in your page, maybe restricted files, images, etc. they should be immediately cleared from your page, then only your page will be active and produce traffic. Next options give information about the valid pages and the excluded pages in your website.


I will be writing another blog on sitemaps. Its an important topic to be covered with good explanation. This is one of the 1st step to be done after making a website.


Manual actions mean websites will be checked manually by workers under google. If they find any security or other issues with the website, they will take actions against it. Only after keeping a detail report with solving the issues, the page will be active again.

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