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Local SEO

Local search engine optimization is the process of local search engine marketing. This is an effective way in which you can market your services and products locally at the needed time and location. Through local SEO we can promote our goods and services to the people looking online nearby so that local SEO ranking has great importance. For example, you need to know the best bakers in your new locality, as a result, you will check it in the search engine. This is the time where local SEO takes duty. According to the local SEO, a list of bakers will be shown for you. You can select the one you need through checking there website, contacting them, people reviews, etc. Local search results are shown below for your easy understanding.

local seo
Local SEO capture


As we are discussing local SEO, google my business account is very important to be mentioned because this is how we can publish our business online in google including your contact info, website details, pictures, etc. Google my business account was launched as a solution to show the presence of your business on google. For a local businessman to expand his business its always better to have a google business account because as per the keywords entered by the clients which are similar to your business google will show your details, thus connecting with you will be easy for the client. Another helpful part of the Google business account is that the client who is searching for your products or services can straight contact with you or get your details that are already available on google.

Google my business account includes your contact number, website link, images, reviews about your business, location of your business, address of your plant, opening and closing time, google rating, also includes a meta description about your business, etc. Thus a client will get an idea about your business before approaching you. For easy understanding, I have given a screenshot of an IT company which contains a google my business account.

My business account capture

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