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A keyword is one of the important factor in SEO because still now keywords are one of the factors considered for ranking a website. So selecting keywords for a website is important. A user search his/her needs in the search engine, the keywords entered will be analyzed by the search engine and shows relevant websites for the user. One of the best keyword selectors is google keyword planner. We can also go for Neil Patel keyword tool, Moz tool, etc. My suggestion is, go for google keyword planner tool.


Google keyword planner tool is a part of Google Adwords in which we can analyze and understand the keywords rating, search volume, search difficulty, avg monthly search, etc. Thus it makes easy to select the keyword. For a new site, it is always better to take long term keywords with medium or low competition of average 100-1k views per month because high competition keywords will bring the new site rank down. Starts with low competition keywords then slowly bring it up eventfully changing the keywords with similarities. To rank up we should also give importance to good content, good designing, social media marketing, less bounce rate such other factors too.

For easy grassing, I have given a screenshot of google keyword planner where I had search “IT COMPANIES IN INDIA”. There you can see related keywords and its ranking. From the list analyze keywords with good average views, low competition, more search volume keywords. Google keyword planner tool will be updated continuously as the factors depending the keyword takes changes, so must check continuously to get a better result.


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