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As SEO consist of on-page and off-page optimization, right now let’s discuss on-page SEO. Well as we discussed in the previous blog “basics of digital marketing” you have got a basic idea about what is SEO and its techniques. On-page SEO is the duty that has to be done inside the website. In on-page SEO some of the main factors are the title, meta description, URL of the website, content, images in the website. Let’s discuss one by one.


Title tags will be will displayed on search engine resultant pages when you browse which are clickable headlines. The importance of title is that the word we used should be a one which can give an idea about the content or the website. The title should be within 55 to 60 characters. It should be simple and catch fully to the viewers.


A meta description is a snippet which contains 155 to 160 characters which are shown below the title while resultant page appears. The content in the meta description should be effective because its summarize the content in the page that is the meta description should be purely based on your website. False meta description increases the bounce rate resulting in ranking down your website. Try to include maximum keywords effectively in the meta description.


URL means uniform resource locator. It indicates the location of the resource we are searching and protocol used to access it. Try to include maximum keywords that may be helpful to rank up your page. If we are changing the URL several times it may result in ranking down your page.


Content can provide a brief description of your website. Good content includes more keywords effectively. You should always optimize your content on your website in such a way that search engines should get knowledge of what the site is about.

Relevant and attractive images should be posted which includes caption and alt keywords. This will rank up your website.

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